Jun 12

Richard Lobel Named Honoree for the 2018 T Off 4 Autism Golf Outing

JUNE 2018 – Richard Lobel has been named Honoree for the 2018 T Off 4 Autism Golf Outing. T Off 4 Autism, a 501(c)(3) Charitable Organization, is dedicated to providing funding for research to find a cure for Autism, supporting families affected by Autism, and raising awareness for Autism organizations and charities. T Off is also planning to provide long-term assistance, including housing accommodations, for those affected by Autism in order to enhance their opportunities and achieve their full potential.

Sheldon Lobel, P.C. has worked with over 100 schools populated by thousands of students, including schools focusing on children on the Autism spectrum. The firm regularly works with teachers and administrators who inspire their communities, and Richard is proud to have been named the honoree for this important event.

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